Tinder for Scoring ICOs.

Swipe bad coins left. Win tokens.

Swipe good coins right. Win tokens.

Evan Ferrante

This is awesome and much needed

Boston, Massachusetts

Tarron Houston

Coinswipe can be used by anyone armed with the minimum of common sense

President at Wisehaven Advisors

Adam Stephens

...love the vision and the concept , i hope it moons

Kennewick, Washington

Stacy Tucker

...simple & valuable...opened my first account using a separate app not associated with Coinswipe and made a profit rather quickly

Founder Almeda Labs

John Taylor

...really dig the concept

St. Louis, Missouri

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Turn Your Wisdom Into Tokens


It uses the wisdom of crowds to separate the rock stars from the ripoff artists.


The platform gives you comprehensive data about ICOs in a mobile app.


And you can either choose to support or decline a project with a simple swipe.


Users can study this information, evaluate teams, technologies and the mindmap of different projects.

Coin Swipe

Rewards users for identifying weak projects or correctly identifying winners, helping the crypto community make better decisions as a group.

See In Action

The average ICO in 2017 returned greater than 100 times what the average Dot Com IPO returned in 1996. But there’s a huge risk… scammers and hackers.

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Working together, this collective ‘Hive Mind’ will increase trust in crypto projects and make the ICO and blockchain market more secure.

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